BICC is leader in the implementation of sports facility projects in the Silesia region. Construction of swimming pools, stadiums and sports facilities in the general contracting system.

Construction of a modern swimming pool complex with sports and recreational infrastructure. Attractive slides and a water and air massage complex with a rushing river were built. A playground with a sandpit and paddling pool was built for children in the new complex, while a beach volleyball court, climbing wall, and outdoor auditoriums were provided for youth and adults.

Implementation period: January 2010 – November 2010

Modernization of the Start swimming pool in Bielsko-Biała together with the external infrastructure and landscaping of the floor area.

Wydział Inwestycji Urzędu Miejskiego w Bielsku Białej ul. Plac Ratuszowy 7, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała

Within the framework of the project, the following facilities were built on the Dębowiec slope: a 600 m long chairlift, a downhill ski run, an 84 m long children’s ski tow, a rope park, a snowmaking and slope lighting system, technical infrastructure (water supply system, pumping stations, sewage system) and buildings (lower railroad station, upper railroad station, technical and storage room). In the immediate vicinity of the lower station of the railroad on Dębowiec, a parking lot with 110 parking spaces was created.

Implementation period: June 2012 – January 2013

Development of the slopes of Dębowiec for tourism, sports and recreation through the construction of facilities and equipment with outdoor infrastructure.

Wydział Inwestycji Urzędu Miejskiego w Bielsku Białej - ul. Plac Ratuszowy 7 43-300, Bielsko -Biała

The scope of works included the demolition of existing stands, social and office facilities and residential buildings, followed by a phased construction of a new football stadium while providing the possibility of playing football matches. The road infrastructure and landscaping were also rebuilt.

Implementation period: August 2012 – August 2016

Municipal Stadium in Bielsko-Biała, Rychlińskiego Street, floor area of 6,344 m2 and cubic capacity of 265,741 m3

Bielsko-Bialski Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji - ul. Marii Konopnickiej 5, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała

The modernization included the renovation of the 50-meter pool basin, the grandstand and the canopy. In addition, a 25-meter warm-up pool was built with six lanes and a movable bottom on one half, allowing for adjustable water depth. The swimming pool is enriched with a recreational section including a paddling pool, a wellness zone and external slides 60 and 100 m long.

Implementation period: August 2015 – September 2017

Expansion and reconstruction of the indoor swimming pool in Oświęcim with floor area of 9,689 m2 and cubic capacity of 70,103 m3

Miejski Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji w Oświęcimiu - ul. Legionów 15, 32-600 Oświęcim

Construction of a facility for athletic use. The project included the construction of a full-size sports hall, tennis and badminton court. On the first floor of the building there was a special room for corrective exercises, while on the second floor there were stands for spectators.

Implementation period: September 2016 – February 2018

Construction of a full-size sports hall in Jaworze with floor area of 1,511 m2 and cubic capacity of 13,000 m3

Urząd Gminy Jaworze - ul. Zdrojowa 82, 43-384 Jaworze

The subject of the investment was the construction of an integration kindergarten. The building was designed for nine kindergarten units with service areas for the facility. Landscaping was also part of the project’s implementation. The building’s styling is modern, with a simple shape and colors fitting the purpose of the site.

Implementation period: July 2016 – March 2018

Building of an integration kindergarten with accompanying infrastructure, floor area of 2,138 m2 and cubic capacity of 9,203 m3

Urząd Gminy Kozy - ul. Krakowska 4, 43-340 Kozy

The subject of the investment was the construction of an indoor public swimming pool. The pool has a stainless steel swimming basin measuring 25×12.5 m along with pool features in the form of a children’s paddling pool, leisure pool and water slide.

Implementation period: March 2018 – June 2019

Construction of an indoor swimming pool in Andrychów with floor area of 3,519 m2 and cubic capacity of 23,068 m3

Gmina Andrychów reprezentowana przez Burmistrza Andrychowa - ul. Rynek 15, 34-120 Andrychów