We want to cooperate with professional companies, which in addition to professionalism also demonstrate quality and safety is a priority for them. We take an individual approach to each task. Before site activity begins, our staff will work with subcontractors to estimate the scope and timing of the work. By filling out the application form, you are applying to work with us. If we need the services you offer after verification, we will certainly get back to you.

Inżynier w kasku, z projektami spogląda na plac budowy

Companies interested in cooperation are welcome to contact our team of specialists

Production preparation section:

  • woodwork (doors, windows),
  • industrial doors and docking systems,
  • skylights and smoke dampers,
  • manlifts and cargo lifts,
  • glass railings, steel railings, other
  • mobile walls,
  • prefabricated elements (pillars, beams, roof girders, HC and TT floors, filigree, etc.),
  • glued laminated timber structures,
  • water slides made of laminates, stainless steel basins, movable bottoms,
  • system mesh and panel fencing with gates and wickets,
  • walls of sanitary cabins and HPL cabinets,
  • glass canopies,
  • playgrounds
  • sports surfaces,
  • ventilated facades,
  • aluminum and glass facades,
  • supply of sandwich panels and structural trapezoidal sheets,
  • piling, ground reinforcement.
  • Other

Małgorzata Nowak
(Production Preparation Section Manager)
512 772 985

Bartłomiej Pyka
(Production Preparation Specialist)
512 772 781

Cezary Zapolski
(Production Preparation Specialist)
515 114 953

Joanna Czubińska
(Material Purchasing Section Manager
515 121 120

Marcin Kowalczyk
(Purchasing Specialist)
509 897 606


Getting quotes from contractors is often done through our purchasing platform, created together with Open Nexus: www.platformazakupowa.pl/pn/ bpbp sa

Check out our current solicitations from subcontractors and suppliers: www.platformazakupowa.pl/pn/bpbpsa/proceedings

składanie ofert dla bpbp s.a

Contractors willing to work with us may propose their services/assortment by visiting the link below: www.platformazakupowa.pl/pn/bpbpsa/supplier

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