Bielsko-Biała Industrial Construction Company, as a company with a long tradition, has completed and continues to implement, within the general contracting system, a number of projects of a very diverse nature. The extensive experience of the executive staff and rich equipment and transport facilities allow the company to equally successfully implement tasks in the field of industrial and residential construction. Thanks to our efforts, many sports facilities, public facilities and environmental engineering have been built.

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Public facilities will benefit everyone sooner or later. We are extremely proud to be responsible for the creation of these facilities, but it is also a great responsibility. While in a building intended for public use, we want to feel safe and comfortable. It is a place that must meet a number of requirements.
Industry provides jobs, produces goods, and contributes directly to the country's quality of life and economic standing. As an industrial construction company, we are aware of the prestige and importance of building-based projects. Literally and figuratively, over the years, we have been contributing to the building of industry in Poland. Check out what we have already accomplished.
Bielsko-Biała Industrial Construction Company has executed numerous sewage treatment plants and sanitary sewers. Our company was behind projects in: Żywiec, Bielsko-Biała, Komorowice, Wapienica, Skoczów, Andrychów, Wisła - Jawornik, Chybie, Czechowice-Dziedzice. Environmental investments are critical to sustainability and essential to the proper functioning of urban and non-urban ecosystems. As one of the few construction companies in Silesia, we can be proud of the fact that along with the care about the quality of our investments goes respect for nature.
BICC is leader in the implementation of sports facility projects in the Silesia region. Construction of swimming pools, stadiums and sports facilities in the general contracting system.
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Over the course of our company's existence, we have also completed several residential construction projects. It is a great joy to observe how the reality around us is changing, and even greater to be able to actively participate in these changes. The estates we build complement the growing cities well, and are an integral part of nature.